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Why should I list my NFT Collection?
Our website is visited by a highly targeted audience that is specifically interested in NFTs, with over 50,000 unique visitors per month, mostly from the US and Canada.
Listing your NFT collection on our NFT Calendar will help you increase your brand's visibility, build an engaged community, attract potential collectors, establish credibility, and save time and money on marketing and promotion...
Additionally, since NFT Collections are segmented by categories and tags, you will also benefit from being listed alongside other popular NFT collections that are similar in concept or utility, which can attract even more targeted buyers to your collection.
How are NFT Projects reviewed?
NFT Projects are reviewed through the following process:

1- We verify that the project has been submitted by the legitimate project owner (You must DM us on Twitter from your project's Official Twitter account).
2- We navigate through your website and social media accounts to assess your project's quality and community.
3- We review all the submitted data to make sure it matches your official statements.
4- We double-check all the provided links to avoid any scam or phishing attempt.
5- We publish your NFT project and send you a link to confirm that all the displayed information is accurate and up-to-date.
Why do you offer Premium Listings?
50% of our Premium Listing revenues are reinvested in Google Ads to guarantee quality traffic coming from the most relevant search queries (NFT Related keywords). Also, running our website involves high costs to guarantee a selective review process, and to pay for quality post writers, editors, as well as ongoing hosting and development costs.
Once you're done filling out the form, please contact us on Twitter from your Official Twitter Account to:
1- Verify that the information was provided by the legitimate project owner
2- Make the payment once we confirm that your project has been approved to enjoy all your Premium features!
You can pay for your Premium Listing in USDT, ETH or SOL.

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