How Much Does It Cost To Make an NFT? Everything You Need to Know In 2022

NFTs are the talking of the town right now. Every artist is turning their work into NFT. However, it is essential to know how much does it cost to make an NFT. The investment is the main focus as you have to pay for all admin expenses and necessary fees. Some people prefer to create their NFT collection from their own work, whereas others create galleries and marketplaces where they sell their art. Let’s explore the essential costs to make an NFT.

How Much Does It Cost To Make an NFT?

There are a few initial expenses to consider while creating an NFT.

You have to pay the gas fee. It will cost you about $70 on the Ethereum blockchain.

You may need to pay site fees that include those involved with listing your NFT for sale. It mainly depends on the site you are using, such as $900 in extreme conditions.

However, the NFT universe keeps changing, and the minting fees may differ from one platform to another. You can also mint an NFT backed up by a blockchain that doesn’t have any fee.

In simple words, the cost of creating NFTs isn’t complicated, especially when you compare it with the expenses of purchasing an existing one.

What is Minting?

If you want to create an NFT art, it is essential to know about the minting process. You must have various items that you want to turn them into an NFT. For instance, digital art, tweets, audio, random images, books, concert books, videos, or memes are a few popular ones.

You also need a wallet and the right software such as Metamask. All you need is to update your items to the selected platform, such as OpenSea or Rarible. These items will be transferred onto the blockchain.

Once the minting is completed, you can list them for sale. There are different ways on how to sell an NFT, like a fixed price or an auction.

Costs Associated with NFTs

It is crucial to consider some expenses while minting an NFT. Here are a few costs associated with NFTs.

Gas Fees

Such a fee is common with all cryptocurrency expenses. It works as a form of compensation for those who are offering the computational power for securing the network. Remember, it may fluctuate depending on the number of transactions performed at a time.

Account Set-Up Fees

This cost usually depends on the site.

Sales fee

You can mint tokens for free, but you have to pay the price when you are selling them.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an NFT on OpenSea?

When you are initializing your account on OpenSea to start selling, the first fee is from $70 to $300. However, the second transaction that provides OpenSea access is about $10 to $30.

How Much Does Ethereum Gas Cost?

The amount you pay to perform transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain is the Ethereum gas fee. The gas fee is transferred to the miner who offers computer power to verify transactions and also keep the entire transaction running.

Make sure to keep some extra ETH in your wallet so that you can pay a gas fee to update prices, print NFTs and list items for auction. One significant barrier for artists is the high gas prices. Most people wait for a gas price to drop before they create and launch NFTs.

Why Do Gas Prices Change?

The gas amount needed for a successful transaction remains constant, but the price may rise when the Ethereum network crashes. Also, the high demand for NFT transactions may increase the gas price.

There is a limit to the transaction gas amount that can be for an Ethereum block. Prices fluctuate when there is a supply restriction.

NFT is a complicated form of transaction as compared to typical day-to-day transactions. Therefore, it is essential to have a lot of gas transactions to be processed.

There are various ways to decrease transaction costs by changing the payable amount. When the miner finds it profitable, they will fetch the transaction. You can also wait for the gas prices to drop to reduce transaction costs.

Here are some useful tips to decrease the amount you need to pay.

1. Be patient

If you want something immediately, the network will prioritize the task. In return, you have to increase the gas fees.

2. Wait For The Night Before Processing the NFT.

The number of fees you pay depends on how busy the network is. You can reduce the number of transactions by staying up late.

3. Create an NFT Series

Create an NFT with more than one edition and sell each edition individually.

4. Avoid the Weekend

Most people try to access the network at the end of the week. In simple words, the gas fee will be higher due to increased demand.

5. Select the Right Currency

There is a prominent difference between the currencies. You have to choose the right currency.

Final words

The cost to make an NFT mainly depends on various factors. However, the NFT universe continues to evolve, and you have to stay updated to date. The most considerable fee is to pay gas which is crucial. Remember, the costs to make an NFT may change depending on increased demand and fuel prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How Much Does It Cost To Make an NFT on Rarible?

You don’t need to pay any fee to create an NFT on Rarible, but the platform charges 2.5% per transaction for both buyers and sellers.

How Much Does It Cost To List an NFT?

You have to pay fees for both buying and selling NFTs in every marketplace. The largest NFT marketplace is OpenSea, which charges 2.5% per transaction. The cost for a listing is different on each NFT platform.

How Much Is the Most Expensive NFT?

The Merge is the most expensive NFT with USD 91.8 million and was sold on the Nifty Gateway marketplace.

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